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Complicity | Artifice and Illusion

  • Collyer Bristow Gallery 4 Bedford Row WC1R 4TF (map)

Complicity is an exhibition that highlights the relationship between the illusion and artifice in art. The exhibition looks at the complicity between audience and artist being integral to the game of viewing an artwork. Forging, faking, imitating and counterfeiting are all accepted as valid tools of the artistic process, used to create new ways of looking at the world; subverting space and place, objects, identity and image. Re-imagining or questioning our perceptions of reality in unexpected or subversive ways.

In the context of art and its reception, the viewer from the very outset plays an integral role in the complicit act of receiving an art objects’ artifice and illusion; suspending reality and disbelief at the constructed nature of art. Both artist and audience share a wilful desire to engage in holding the differences between art object and reality in mind simultaneously and knowingly acknowledge the game of complicity.

“Art is a lie that makes you realise the truth, at least the truth that is given to us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.” Picasso

Later Event: June 28