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I open the doors into the processes, complexities and voids of solitude, through perspective projection. Focussing significantly on the seclusion of a place, whether interior or exterior.  Here, I create a world of isolated objects, which sit there in a very humble and still state.  Yet these objects are not merely hollow geometric shapes.  Instead they embody an enclosed space, and become living things; the subjects of my work. 

My painting begins with the study of any empty space’s dynamics, which tells a story of, power, solitude and emptiness. The art of calculating, measuring and positioning come to the rescue of human understanding of what a line can represent. In my work I pay great attention to the structure of a line, which creates the inhabitable space that starts to resemble human activity. Although, there is no evidence to suggest there ever was any in the beginning. 

The idea of using these obscure objects and shapes is to allow the viewer to detach themselves from the notion of normality, question their reason for being and allow these beautiful shapes to settle in a place and symbolize the idea of isolation. 

Every piece is formed from a series of layers: canvas, acrylic, pen and oil, with each medium playing it’s own special part. But before my work can even begin, I must spend time deciding upon its shape. I explore a number of shape variations, from hexagons to octagons and circles. Painting on these shapes can be more challenging, but has the advantage of allowing the viewer to observe the space without feeling constrained or restricted.